Boxing Legend Joe Frazier Succumbs To Liver Cancer

Boxing legend, ‘Smoking’ Joe Frazier died from liver cancer on Monday at 67 years old. In 1971,  Frazier became the first fighter to defeat Muhammad Ali. That fight, was followed up with two Epic rematches including, “The Thrilla in Manila.”

In 37 professional fights, ‘Smokin’ Joe’ won 32 times. 27 of those were by knockouts and four losses. Joe never counted his two losses to Ali, “I whupped him three times,” Frazier said over the years.

After his boxing career ended, Frazier bought a gym in Philadelphia,  and set the groundwork for a lot of athletes today with his post career activities. He was in an R&B group called the Knockouts, had a clothing line, a restaurant, a limousine service and had various investments including real estate.

Photos via AP