Basketball Wives LA Episode 11 Sneak Peek [Video]

In your sneak peek of Basketball Wives LA episode 11. It’s Jackie turn to be confronted by the group.

Ok, I’m fond of playing Devil’s advocate so let’s break this down. When people are going back and forth dissemenating information, of course they’re going throw in some extras… That’s a given. But they are all running back and forth between each other, it’s like everyone has forgotten what happens on reality shows.
Do you think Jackie was asked by producers to stir the pot? I mean that HAS to be it, right?


By the way, if you missed the TERRIBLE Basketball Wives overtime show last week, you can check that out here. Tami might be good as a dramatic figure on BBW but as a host, at least in this instance, sucked!!



I’d much rather see Tami act than host. She didn’t seem to be herself and it came off as fake and boring. Yeah, I know she was showing off her refined side. I didn’t say she should be cracking open a Bud light and smoking a Newport to it’s filter but something was off.

I like the idea of “overtime” but a better host is needed. Like me! Yup, shameless self plug! ::giggle::