A Day In The Life Of Basketball Wives Star Jennifer Williams [Video]

I respect Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams business hustle. She came into the show with Flirty girl fitness and has since launched her lip gloss line, Lucid. Part of good branding -yes, the word is overused but that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect- is defining what your brand represents.

I’m assuming the point in releasing this video, A day in the life: Jennifer Williams, was to further establish Jennifer’s brand outside of the reality show. But after watching it, I feel like I don’t know anything different or gain further insight into her, her business acumen etc.

A Day in the Life: Jennifer Williams from Elephilms on Vimeo.

If she’s trying to make her mark outside of the show, she’s going to have to come with something more substantial. Photo shoots, shopping and partying. Yep, that’s a side of Jennifer I’ve never seen. It’s like B-roll from the show they deemed not exciting enough to air. Strategic branding, lean about it, apply it. If there’s a bigger picture here, the rollout isn’t working.

Season 4 shooting is underway. Yes all your favorites are back. No word yet on who the newest “rival” will be.