Judge Rules Derrick Rose’s Accuser To Be Identified During Civil Trial

New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose has been embroiled in a nasty civil trial in which a woman claims Rose and two of his friends sexually assaulted her while she was incapacitated in 2013.

Though her name has been floating around on blogs for a couple of years via text messages released from a friend, the “Jane Doe” of the civil suit’s legal name will be on record during the trial that will begin in Los Angeles in two weeks.

A U.S. District judge ruled Tuesday that the woman can no longer go by Jane Doe. The judge also said he will not close the courtroom from media so her identity is protected. The woman is seeking $21.5 million in damages and recently gave an interview about her version of the events.

The legal team for Rose’s accuser claimed that releasing her identity would cause further harassment. Rose’s side countered that the various interviews the woman has done.

“Because Jane Doe and her lawyers are openly pandering to the media on a nationwide blitz tour, Ms. Doe should be precluded from using a pseudonym for any purpose, including media coverage.”

In the docs, Rose accuses the woman of trying to get the case to play out in the court of public opinion so she can get a “large and extortionate settlement payment.”

Recent reports also revealed a portion of the court transcript where Rose admitted that he didn’t have a clear understanding of the word “consent.”

Question: Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?

Derrick Rose: No. But can you tell me?

Question: I just wanted to know if you had an understanding.

Derrick Rose: No.

According to ThinkProgress – the organization that recounted Doe’s version of what took place – Rose’s lawyer didn’t deny that his client “did not not know the definition of consent.”