Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale allegedly unhappy with the moves to team’s roster

Houston Rockets head coach Kevin McHale is said to be extremely unhappy with the moves the Rockets brass have made as of late. McHale is thinking this could be his last season with the team and had allegedly had a hissy fit about the Rockets letting key players go via free agency, trade and amnesty.

Houston coach Kevin McHale was said to have thrown a fit when the Rockets allowed their free agent playmaker, Goran Dragic, to go to Phoenix to replace the departed Steve Nash. McHale even lamented that the Rockets traded off another point guard, Kyle Lowry, with whom he often clashed, to the Raptors. So now McHale has been reduced to hoping that Jeremy Lin is as good as his superiors believe the former Knick sensation will be in his second go-round for the Rockets. Publicly, McHale is toeing the company line on his newly-minted $25 million playmaker, saying all the right things.

Most can see that the acquistion of Lin was more about marketing and tickets than the march towards a championship With so many draft picks and youth on the Rockets, the view absolutely has to be down the line and the question now becomes, is that the dream that was sold to McHale and is he the coach that has the patience for the infusion of youth.