Matt Barnes arrested in Manhattan Beach, Ca.

Matt Barnes is currently a free agent. So news of him being arrested this evening in Manhattan Beach, Ca. might just take a few $$ off whatever contract he gets from free agency. Barnes was arrested for an outstanding traffic warrant- a pretty substantial one with a warrant worth $26,000 – and for resisting arrest, a felony.

According to our sources … Matt was walking in Manhattan Beach around 8:30PM when he was first approached by Manhattan Beach PD — and when officers ran a check on him they discovered a massive $26,000 unpaid traffic warrant for driving on a suspended license.

We’re told Barnes made threats against one of the officers — which is why he got slapped with the felony for resisting.


If Matt was simply walking, what made the officers stop him to begin with? Barnes was released on $51,000 bail. Interesting case. Check out the security camera footage of the altercation and stay tuned for details.


video via KTLA5

Matt being Matt, he took to Twitter to address at least part of the arrest. In looking at the video and considering the fact that Barnes was walking at the time of his arrest, I am curious as to what caused the officers to stop him in the first place.

Missing a court date can lead to a bench warrant with an excessive fine. Like I said, stay tuned.

Considering Basketball Wives is currently filming, I wonder if this will be included.