Donald Sterling Reportedly Will Let Shelly Sterling Negotiate Sale of Clippers


Looks as if Donald Sterling is seeing the writing on the wall. Per ESPN Sterling is willing to let his wife Shelly negotiate the sale of the team.


No matter how much fight the Sterlings usually have in them, it appears they know there’s no positive outcome to this fight. A full transfer of ownership to Shelly that results in the sale of the team should be something the NBA and Adam Silver would be agreeable to. Shelly’s lawyers have been in discussion with the NBA since April 29th.

I guess Shelly is giving up on her dream that she could retain her 50% of the Clippers. And that she and her husband were ever headed for divorce.

The Clippers are expected to sale for around 1 Billion. Donald purchased the team in 1981 for $12.5 million.