V. Stiviano Says Shelly Sterling Is Jealous Of Her


V. Stiviano is back for part two of her media tour. This week the woman responsible for separating Donald Sterling from the NBA franchise he’s owned for three decades sat down with Entertainment Tonight and Dr. Phil. The Entertainment Tonight interview showcased a combative V. Stiviano when questioned if her relationship with Sterling was a sexual one, she quickly denied it and appeared annoyed that the question was asked in spite of a recording with Sterling insinuating that it was the nature of their association.


“Do you understand that’s middle America, it’s the mass, who doesn’t live in Los Angeles,” V said. “Do you understand that most people don’t get the opportunity to meet with a billionaire? Most people don’t get the chance to work for a billionaire, let alone be around him on a daily basis.”

“Why do you continue when I just said no to you,” she said. “How many times are you going to ask me this stupid question? Now do you understand my frustration, no, no, no no no.”

There was also footage of V.Stivano and Donald Sterling partying in New Orleans at some point.

Meanwhile, if you assumed that V. wasn’t enjoying the attention or that she didn’t have her eye on something bigger and to her benefit erupting from this, you’d be wrong. But, she maintains that she is not responsible for the leak AND now her reason for recording those conversations have shifted. Previously V. referenced herself as his archivist. Now she says her role was undefined and she recorded those conversations because she can’t type… She also says Shelly Sterling is jealous of her and probably his kids also.

She recorded her conversations with Sterling often – in a life coach kind of way.

“Mr. Sterling is very demanding. He’s a very strong man. Occasionally, he wants me to write everything down. Sometimes I would do a voice memo and forget that it was still recording. Sometimes I’d go back and listen to some of the conversations and I’d be surprised. He was surprised. He has what I call ‘bipolar moments.’ He would just lash out…say things that were absurd or mean…The purpose of the recordings was for him to learn things about himself…a validation to make him bigger and better and greater as a person.”

She did not release the tapes that brought Sterling down.

“I think we have the name of the person who did. I cannot disclose that for legal purposes. I shared the information…a copy of the recording to a couple of my friends. I didn’t for once think this was going to happen. I never would have released it. I didn’t think they were going to sell it. I didn’t put that audio out there for the world to know my private conversation.”

She does enjoy the limelight, no matter how she met her infamy.

“Are you kidding me? I get to experience first-hand what it is to be a celebrity in LA … I have to think about what I’m going to wear, how I’m going to do my hair.”

She understands Shelly Sterling’s lawsuit against her might be rooted in jealousy.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if his own children were jealous of me too.”

Rollerskating in front of the paparazzi wearing a “welder’s helmet” is not about wanting attention.

“Nobody can really see what I felt and that’s why I wore the visor. We all have different ways of coping. You live in Hollywood. You deal with Hollywood. So you tell me, how should I have acted ? I was making light of the situation. You tell me what would have been better for me to deal with … should I have been crying? Should I have stayed at home? Should I have been drinking? Should I have used drugs? You tell me. What would have been better? I used the mask. I used the mask. I used the visor, as you call it, the welding mask.”

She is not Sterling’s mistress. But she understands why he said in a recently released audio recording that she has a “fabulous body.”

“I’ve never had any sexual relationship with Mr. Sterling.”

“I mean, look at my body, I personally think I have a fabulous body.”

Being Sterling’s personal assistant meant many things.

“I didn’t have a set title. My days were so different. One day it was a real estate business meeting, the next day it was a board meeting with the NBA, the next day it was a dinner meeting with a potential sponsor, the next day Mr. Sterling wanted to go shopping.”

Sterling’s gifts of luxury cars and a $1.8 million condo were not part of her salary. But it had nothing to do with how fast she types.

“I can’t discuss the details of my financial payments. Just to clear the rumor, I don’t type very fast…He’s a billionaire. He can afford to give someone a gift of that magnitude…Why can’t someone who has such wealth give someone like myself, or other people, whatever they want to?”

The fact that Sterling was married is a non-issue when it came to his generosity.

“Why would it be improper to accept gifts from a married man? I was accepting gifts from someone who was my boss, who was very generous…I was his caretaker. I was his mother. I was his secretary. I was his driver. I did everything for this man for the last three years.”

In the now infamous recording, Stiviano told Sterling that he’s in love with her. But she didn’t mean what you think she meant. And calling him “honey” on the tape is nothing special.

“He is in love with me as a person, as a human being..I call everyone honey and love and sweetie.”

She thinks her situation could still have a happy ending.

“I don’t know. You think I’m gonna get a movie deal?”