Baron Davis comes clean about what it was like playing for Clippers owner Donald Sterling

photo via AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been called the NBA’s worst owner for years. His notoriously cheap ways of running the franchise coupled with the housing discrimination lawsuits filed against him are well documented. Even though the Clippers are having a winning season and thus far, you haven’t heard any complaints from All-Stars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, but the old stuff is reappearing partially do to the controversy with Clippers superfan, “clipper Darrell nee Darrell Bailey .

Former Clipper and current New York Knick Baron Davis has finally spoken out about his time with the Clippers and how it felt to have the owner of the team heckle him from his courtside seat.

…the other lowest point is when I played for the Clippers. … I just stopped liking basketball. And then you dribbling down the court and having the owner like cuss at you and call you an idiot. I didn’t even look forward to coming to the games, and if the owner [Donald Sterling] came to the game, I definitely was not gonna have a good game because it was just like, how do you play when the main heckler in the gym is the owner of the team, and he’s telling you how much he hates you and calling out your name?

You want to see the Clippers succeed because of the players but with an owner like Sterling, it makes it hard to justify being a fan of the franchise. He’s never going to sell the team because it’s a vanity piece to his real estate empire and the way he’s run it has made the team extremely profitable, even as a perennial loser. Can you imagine how messed up Stern would be if the team actually became a consistent playoff team? Mixed emotions.