Basketball Wives season 4, episode 3 sneak peek [video]

In episode 3, season 4 of Basketball Wives, we get to see Kenya Bell’s “crazy emerge. Kenya is planning on shooting a music video that requires dancers but Kesha is leery to put her professional reputation on the line for what looks to be a loosely put together operation.

Ok first, let’s get this out of the way. Just like Evelyn says Chad accepts her, her past etc. She needs to really be clear about who and what Chad is. One would think that she would have an understanding of all those potential issues and obstacles after spending so much time in THAT world. I know it doesn’t get any easier but geeze.

Sooooooo Kenya is off. There’s no way around that. Perhaps she’s playing it up for the cameras but if you’re shading Kesha, then stop playing innocent. What Kesha said was a fain and honest assessment in my opinion. And truthfully, if Kenya hasn’t looked at her path to building a brand from an objective eye, than she’s already lost.

Even if those videos felt appropriate initially, surely she has to see how they can give the wrong impression now and even how she’s going about her whole “star” thing. Can’t wait to see how the audition and final product play out. Oh and the over dinner chat… We always love the gatherings.

oh, one last thing, Kenya please get the wig/weave game together SOON. People (in this case ME) will take your star aspirations a little more seriously if you fix your presentation as you’re waiting for the other elements to fall into place.