LeBron James & Dwyane Wade’s game day fashion [photos]


Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are frequently listed as two of the best dressed athletes, period. Not just in the NBA. But the two raised eyebrows when they were shown arriving at Staples Center on Sunday afternoon. So, are we feeling the duo’s Miami Vice chic? Or is LeBron’s murse way to much for you?

Personally I thought Bron’s bag looked like a toiletry holder but I suppose if you squint it could be mistaken for a mini-Birkin knock off. It was 85 in L.A. today and DWade lives in Miami, can he live in his white pants? It could always be worst, they could be dressing like Lil Wayne.

Speaking of fashion, the Masked Mamba had his third game of scoring over 30. This is the Lakers third win in a row and eight consecutive win at home. 93-83 and Pau even got in LeBron’s face to defend a teammate. Starting to click?


photo via Twitter