Allen Iverson Wouldn’t Mind Joining The 76’ers Front Office


Allen Iverson is one of the greatest basketball players ever to play in the NBA. But AI’s last years in the L didn’t go too smoothly. Now that he’s been away from the game for a few years, the man who oncw said he’d never want to coach, might have other aspirations that would have him involved in the NBA in a different capacity.

Appearing on the CSN Philly telecast of Wednesday night’s 76ers-Pistons game, Iverson was asked about joining the team’s front office.


I would like to be even in that war room. Even if they don’t go with my decision or whatever, just to have an opinion and putting out what I think and trusting the organization to do what’s right.

What does he look for in a player that others might miss?

Their fight. Their fight. The fight in a guy. I’m the biggest Westbrook fan I think there is. You know what I mean? Because he reminds me so much of myself as far as his heart and laying it on the line night in and night out. This is a guy who’s going to bring it every single night.

I wonder if the Sixers have considered bringing him on board as “Player Development Coach.” If you look around the current NBA, several former players hold this position with teams, in what seems more like a “life coach” role. They know the ropes, have been there, and provide an extra bridge between players, coaches and team execs.

Of course, that might require AI to start dressing like its 2015, but that’s a minor detail.