Jets CB Antonio Cromartie Is A Master At Cutting Out His Wife’s Weave [Video]


NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie is returning to the New York Jets, after spending last season with the Arizona Cardinals. Cromartie signed a four-year, $32 million contract with the Jets on Wednesday, and promised that he will be in vintage form when the Jets hit the field this fall.


But, I just wanted to take a moment and acknowledge Cro’s exceptional off court skills with his family. Cro is as strategic with his daddy duties, easily handling bath time and hair combing.


And of course, the added bonus, he’s a husband who isn’t afraid of helping his wife Terricka take out her weave!




So ladies, would you allow your man to help you take down your weave? Trust that he doesn’t slip up on the thread of a track and cut your hair instead?

Men, are you willing to learn weave removal for love?


videos via @ILuvTerricka