5 Reasons to Try NBA Fantasy Basketball

After football season ends, most fans put down their laptops and prepare for a long break from fantasy sports. Fantasy football will always be number one, but we’re here to tell you why fantasy basketball should give it a run for its money. Here are the top 5 reasons to start a fantasy basketball league next season.


  1. Less Luck

Have you ever been on the verge of pulling your hair out because you lost by one point in fantasy football? Was that one point because of a late, meaningless fumble? Or did the other guy have a single player score 40 points? Well that is far less common in fantasy basketball, because with dozens of games one player booming or busting does not have as large of an impact on the weekly totals.


  1. No Kickers

Kickers are the reason for so many wins and losses in fantasy football for one reason and one reason only, they’re unpredictable. It’s impossible to tell what is going through those little weirdo’s minds. Plus, kickers rely on the offense to get them in position, and coaches to call their number. Kickers have the ability to score 1 point or 25 any given game. And that’s what makes them the worst. In the NBA, all players are created equal and there are no positional challenges like that of kickers.



  1. Less Injuries

NFL players are more susceptible to injury than in basketball. The game involves running full speed at a big, fast, strong man and hoping they fall. In basketball injuries are far less common, so player’s statuses do not have to be monitored as closely on a week by week basis.


  1. More Games to Watch

Although the NFL just took over Thursday nights, you are still left with a void for 4 days of the week. In fantasy basketball, there is a game just about every night. So you’ll always have an excuse to go out with the guys or avoid painting the bathroom.


  1. You’ll Be Bored Without it

This could be the number one reason to play fantasy basketball. When football season is over do you ever feel lost? Well fill that void with the NBA. Without it you’ll simply be bored. You’re going to be watching most of the games anyways, so you might as well download whatever fantasy provider you use and set up a fantasy basketball league. You won’t regret it.

–Michael Hersey