All in the Family: The Best Siblings in Sports


The odds of making it as a professional athlete are astronomical. It’s nearly impossible. But somehow there are families where not being a professional athlete makes you the odd one out (sorry Cooper Manning). Some parents seemingly breed elite athletes–like the Gronkowski’s who have five sons who all have played some type of professional sport. That being said, we’re not looking for volume, we’re looking for the best. Here are the top siblings who’ve made it to professional sports.


Eli and Peyton Manning

The Manning Brothers are the greatest brother-duo to play in any professional sport in recent years. The two have a combined four Super Bowl wins (two for Eli and two for Peyton after winning another ring this year with his Broncos beating the Carolina Panthers. All in all, Peyton and Eli have proven to be the greatest quarterbacking siblings in NFL history and both are near locks for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Serena and Venus Williams

Serena Williams is the greatest women’s tennis player in the history of the sport. She dominates the game like no other has. Venus is no scrub either and though her statistics and major wins are nowhere near Serena, that’s because of her frequent second-place finishes to her younger sister. Also what sets these two apart is the fact that when they team up, they are virtually unstoppable with three Olympic Gold Medals and 13 Grand Slam Tournament wins with no losses.



Marc and Pau Gasol

These two Spanish big men have been All-Star players for the last couple years. Although they do not have the accolades that the first two duos on the list have, they are still certainly among the most talented siblings to ever play in professional sports. They join forces every four years to play for the Spanish National team where they have won two Silver Medals. They also hold one of the most bizarre records you will find, as they were the first siblings to be traded for one another.

Though there are many other sibling duos in professional sports, these three pairs are head and shoulders above the rest, as both members of the duos are exceptional players in their own right.

–Michael Hersey