The Assist: JR Smith “You trying to get the pipe” T-shirts available [photo]


Remember when a Twitter direct message (DM) leaked with JR Smith asking a girl in Philly if she was “trying to get the pipe?” The genius people at “The Knicks Wall” thought that would be a great slogan for a t-shirt, along with a cartoon version of “Swish” Smith, tattoos included. The shirt is going for $28.99. I hope they plan on giving JR a piece of the cut. What a well rounded player. He’s entertaining on the court, taking this last month before the playoffs to solidify his run for Sixth man of the Year. And he provides loads of Social media gems off the court.


Other tees available at “The Knicks Wall;” “21 Shump Street” featuring Iman Shumpert. A Rasheed Wallace t-shirt from that infamous press conference “both teams played hard.”


Spotted at BSO