James Harden’s latest urban vixen, Kyra Chaos [photos]


Real talk, as far as life on the court and outside of the game goes, NOBODY is having a better year than James harden. Harden cashed out with the Rockets earlier this season following a trade from the Oklahoma City Thunder. Has evolved his game to one of the top shooting guards in the league, he’s leading the Rockets charge to the playoffs and then, there’s the ladies. It started last summer with her birthday party on the yacht.


Continued on with his fling with rapper Trina.



We’ve seen him in the company of various urban vixens, strippers and your garden variety big-bootied chick. Check out his latest, Kyra Chaos, nicknamed “Boom Boom.” I guess she’s another party hosting model with a legging line. I’m unsure, but enjoy the photos anyway.


That’s what being single is all about!