Coaching legend Phil Jackson joins Twitter


Guess who has finally joined Twitter? NBA coaching legend, Phil Jackson. His fianceé, Jeanie Buss made it official, pulling out the welcome wagon. So far the “Zen Master” has 6,000 followers but hasn’t made his first follow yet. I wonder what sort of Tweeter he’ll be. Will we be graced with mystical quotes and thoughts on the meaning of life? Let’s reflect on a few Phil quotes:

Approach the game with no preset agendas and you’ll probably come away surprised at your overall efforts.

Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength.

If you meet the Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball.

Basketball, unlike football with its prescribed routes, is an improvisational game, similar to jazz. If someone drops a note, someone else must step into the vacuum and drive the beat that sustains the team.

Better yet, what if he gives analysis during games? That would be fun.