Did Kobe Bryant get away with a last second foul on Timberwolves Ricky Rubio [video]


The Lakers finally won a game after a 3-game slide which marked the return of Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant to the court. The Lakers beat the Minnesota Timberwolves Wednesday night 120-117. The Twolves mounted a comeback in the fourth quarter with Ricky Rubio having a chance to tie the game with clock running out.

Kobe Bryant hit Rubio on the arm altering the shot… game over. Check out video of the play, do you think the refs missed a foul that could’ve tied the game?


After the game, Mamba gave his thoughts on the last play. Per the LA Daily News and LA Times: ‘They ain’t calling that sh*t. I don’t think I got him, but that’s a tough call to make.’ […] Kobe doesn’t believe he fouled Rubio. But what if a foul had been called? ‘We’d have gone into overtime and won the game.’”

Well there you go. #Mambaism

video via CJ Zero