Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives Season 4 Beef

Tami Roman jumped start the drama when she began appearing on the second season of Basketball Wives Miami. The reality show is now shooting it’s fourth season and of course, we’re bracing ourselves for the drama once the show returns in February. In a recent interview, Tami reminds us why she joined the cast and gives us a few clues about to expect in season 4. New alliances, new enemies, the ladies of “the circle” will not disappoint.

On why she decided to joined the second season of ‘Basketball Wives’ 
With “Basketball Wives,” they approached me when they did their first season. They contacted [my manager] and you know I just wasn’t really ready to go on a show, talk about Kenny. You know I had moved so past that. In addition to, I really didn’t want to go back to the reality genre. So between the year that they had their first season and the second season which is when I actually came onto the show, my family fell on a hardship I actually introduced that on the show. You know my daughters and I had been on food stamps and we had been on medical assistance through the state of New Jersey. And so I was looking for something income wise. I was working a 9-5 job in corporate America. And when I watched the first season of Basketball Wives I felt like my story wasn’t on there. I’m sitting here like in the dark. My lights are out. You know that’s not my moment. I’m not champagne brunching and mani’s and pedi’s everyday and I felt that I had a valuable story to tell…to show my particular situation and what me and my daughter’s were going through so I contacted VH1.

On how she was earning a living before Basketball Wives
I’ve been working in the industry like I said for 12, 13 years. I literally book a TV show every year as a series regular. Now what people don’t understand about the industry is we do pilots. Then the pilots go through a testing phase and if they don’t test well they don’t get picked up and they never make it to air. But I’ve basically been supporting myself for these 12 years doing pilots.

On whether a fight really broke out between Jennifer and Evelyn at Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday party
I can’t really give too much away but I can tell you this. This season is filled with a lot of twists and turns. Alliances that were there or that people have followed through the “Basketball Wives” journey that they thought were solid, some of those fall by the wayside, some of those alliances are re-established. You know everything is kinda all over the place and I have to tell you honestly the past two seasons that we’ve been on…we end the season and I feel that we’re all gonna at least be cool. That everybody can be amicable for the most part. This is the one time and we’re still taping that I really don’t know how this is gonna end. I don’t know whose gonna be friends, whose gonna hate each other, because it’s really all over the place.

Her next statement was pretty telling to me as to how things are sort of shaping up. She mentions that she and Shaunie are close and she and Royce have always been tight. She mentions that she and Evelyn are continuing to work on their friendship. But no mention of Jenn and Suzie…

I will tell you, from my standpoint, the person that I’ve always been cool with is Royce and Shaunie and like I said, Evelyn and I are building a stronger relationship, friendship, if you will. I think that we’ll be cool or at least I’m hoping so but I’ve always been cool with Royce and I think that that will continue. Royce and I know how to curse each other out and then just keep it movin’ and laugh about it later. Everybody else is not there with it.

I always say to the girls, because they all have their things with Royce, I don’t get in other people’s beef. You know when you see me get upset with somebody it’s because I’m upset about something that affects me. And Royce has always been the same person from the very first time that I met her today. You know as far as I’m concerned I talk to her via texts all the time. We’re cool and I don’t have a problem with Royce and I don’t let people dictate who I’m gonna be friends with and she’s always been cool with me and I love her for that so you know, she’s my girl.

With two new cast members, the new beef with Jen and Evelyn, I’m sure this season will be just as explosive as the past ones. I do hope that there is a bit of substance this go round. Not just dinners, lunches and drinks with discussions about drama from the other day. Sorry, I prefer my foolishness be wrapped in a bigger purpose.