Dwyane Wade Stresses The Importance Of Fatherhood [Video]

Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade was recently featured on Nightline about his quest for father’s to take an active role in children’s lives. 72 percent of African-American kids are being raised by a single parent, mostly women. DWade is a single dad. Dubbed Mr. Mom by the mothers in the school drop off, DWade not only has full custody of his two young sons, Zaire (9) and Zion (4) and he’s also caring for his nephew.

“I was like one of the only dads,” Wade says with a smile. “Everybody was looking at me, it was kind of weird.

I guess it was probably strange for them to go over bake sale items and pick up schedules with an NBA star too.

President Obama even recognized the dedication that DWade has for family and  asked Wade to become “a kind of ambassador-at-large for fatherhood.” Wade is reaching out to fathers and sons through community groups and his non-profit organization, Wade’s World Foundation.

“We as men have to get back on the line and raise our families to make sure that this country will continue to strive by raising great kids,” he said.

“It is not about the money I have or don’t have,” Wade said. “It is about the time I am willing to sit down across the table from my kids and if they don’t get something right, helping them get it right.”


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I’m glad to hear that he recognizes how important their mother’s role is in their children’s lives. I’m not sure how many single father’s are in the NBA but I bet it’s rare. Kudos to DWade.