Super Bowl 44 My Favorite Sports

Of course Super Bowl is about the SPOTS! Here were a few of my personal Favs:


* Milk a What?????
* The Boys Are Back: 25 years later, McMahon, Singletary, Dent, Otis, Speedy Willie, Fuller and Buford take to the stage again with a cameo by Coach Ditka. LOVED IT! 

Check out the Original commercial in my previous Post

* I still don’t know what kind of Kia that was but the fact I know it’s a KIA is progress

* Leno, Letterman & Lady O… yeah I think I was underwhelmed by this but it seemed like it SHOULD be included in my wrap up. :shrug: 

Other thoughts from the Super Bowl broadcast: 

– This year’s broadcast was up 10% over last year with 46.4 rating! That equals about a 154 Million viewers. The most watched Television program in HISTORY. WHO DAT!! (just wanted to say it again)

– The intro was pretty hot right