Stephen A Smith Declines Glenn Robinson’s Invite to Cage Fight

Former NBA star Glenn “Big Dog” Robinson and ESPN analysts Stephen A. Smith apparently had major beef back in the day, that is still festering in 2016.

Stephen A. Smith randomly mentioned on the air how he couldn’t stand Robinson because back in Stephen A.’s days as a beat reporter for the Philadelphia 76’ers, he felt that Robinson was a “racial hypocrite”

“I saw this man march lock step with what (former Bucks Coach) George Karl wanted to do … but Randy Ayers becomes the head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers … you treated this man like trash, but you’ll come and talk to reporters about how brothers need to facilitate brothers being hired, but you had one and how’d you treat him?”

Robinson tells a different story to TMZSports a different version of events however. He claims Stephen was trash talking him and print but smiling to his face in person. Glenn’s bottom line was yeah, yeah come get these hands MMA style.



Stephen A. addressed the situation on Tuesday morning’s “First Take” and said the “street” in him wanted to take it outside but, the man in him knows better.

Smith apologized for making the comments, noting that Glenn hasn’t played in forever and there was no need to bring up their decade old feud.