LeBron James doesn’t want to explain why he unfollowed the Cavs on Twitter

I know it may be upsetting to some of you, but social media is firmly entrance in the fabric of sports. That means something that is seemingly trivial, like LeBron James unfollowing the Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter makes news.

The King unfollowed the Cavs and someone noticed. No disrespect to LeBron, but passive aggressive behavior is something he’s shown an affinity for in the past. So it stands to reason that a reporter has the right to ask if it “means anything” that Bron unfollowed his team. Here’s what his response was to that question following Cleveland’s game Monday night.



According to Cleveland.com LeBron is just starting his purge from social media before the playoffs start. But the interesting thing about that, this morning he Tweeted he might start a Snapchat…


Until LeBron re-ups with the Cavs this summer, fans will always be worried that he might stray again. It’s like what happens after you get cheated on, you’re looking for signs everywhere.

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