Women’s Rights Activist Accuses Lakers’ Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson of Harassment

Lakers stars Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson are being accused of street harassment. A woman named Alexis Jones is claiming that the two sexually harassed her and her mom at a red light in Hollywood.

The incident allegedly happened Sunday evening at 7:30 pm near the intersection of LaBrea and Melrose. She posted a photo of Nick and Jordan in the car next to her along with this message to her Twitter.

[email protected] 2 of your “men” @NickSwagyPYoung & @JClark5on just sexually harassed my mom & me. @NBA this has to stop, They bailed when I pulled out my phone,”

Jones said that she and her mother, 68, were leaving dinner when they stopped their car at the intersection. It was then that Swaggy P and friends pulled up next to her at the light in a jeep and according to Jones,  making “vulgar, sexual” gestures toward her mother.

“She was super rattled. That’s the truth. It scared her,” Jones said. “We were in a small car, and they were in a big Jeep, and it was a bunch of big dudes. They’re leaning out of the car and making vulgar, sexual gestures. My mom was really shocked. That immediately turned into sobbing.”

Oh by the way, Alexis Jones just happens to be an activist for women’s rights, focusing on the area of athletics.

“The irony is I created a program called ‘ProtectHer’ out of the urgency to address sexual abuse in athletics, and I was on phone calls with the NBA as of Friday talking with them about integrating this message and this program into the NBA,” Jones added.

Per DeadSpin, Jones is a co-founder of I AM THAT GIRL, a non-profit that helps “girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter.”

Lakers spokesman John Black has since called Jones to apologize on the players’ behalf, saying that they are taking Jones’ “very seriously.”  According to ESPN, Lakers offered to have Jones come in to speak with Clarkson and Young, but she was unable to. She said she requested a call with them to talk through the issue and hopefully receive an apology, but that request was declined. She has reached out to both players via social media in search of an apology but so far, that hasn’t happened.

Nick Young tweeted and deleted his thoughts.


gilbertarenasrealrealitytv MsAlexisJones your an activist against athletes..YOU can drop the sexually harassment part,thats just a easy way to blackmail players out of money,since athlete’s income is public, 85% percent of women out there will approach the players and will be the aggressors..lets pretend im some what intelligent enough to smell #bullshit..you have a picture of 2 laker players AND claiming they sexually harassed you and ur mom,if this is true the timing is amazing since u were just on the phone with the NBA trying to lobby ur program FRIDAY..BUT me personally im not to easily convinced,heres why #MsJones from how this picture is taken I can say ur on the right side of this truck,the fact their faces are angling down, puts u in a smaller type of car..Nick is driving,human behavior tells us u can get #jordans attention becuz ur in his eye site but not the drivers.so what happens next is the big question..Since nothing in this picture indicates sexually harassment YOU probably recognized the laker players and pulled out ur phone to take a picture..a picture being taking will get the attention of everyone in the car AND will have someone who doesnt want they picture taking keep his hoodie on.NOW the sexually part is #FAKE what can a passager say that would offend u SEXUALLY? (Hey can I get ur number)(where u going sexy)(can we follow u) it’s called Male car conduct.if u curve them The worst a man will say is(f-ck u then b-tch)UNLESS he says (give me some head) while ur at the light..theres nothing SEXUAL about a redlight convo.BEFORE I call u a liar I want to point out something.this is 2016.. camera phones are amazing,the fact urs is a little blurred and the orange dot in #jordans picture would tell me UR WINDOW IS STILL ROLLED UP since this is a truck and ur in a car.its impossible to actually see ur mother in their position to insult her,unless ur mom leaned left to TALK to them,which she wouldnt BECUZ UR WINDOW IS FUCKING UP #LIAR so to post and say (help me find out who these guys are is PATHETIC ) ur job IS to know who they are,u would never post a picture looking for 4 random men (no advantage for ur foundation)STOPPING athletes is ur only foundation GOAL #caseSolved

And it seems as if Nick and Jordan’s teammate Lou Williams might have been subtweeting about the incident also.