Spotted: Miami and just around

I promised I’d come back with a continuation of the foolishness in Miami, I actually could’ve made a post solely dedicated to Ocho Cinco and his hilarity but I’m diverse so, I’ll just hit you with a few of his antics plus everything else:

*Reggie, Kim and Kris coming from dinner at Prime 112. Mmmmm love it and the fried oreos YUMM. eh not really feeling Kim’s ensemble but her tan is great!

*The Saints on field practice Saturday
*Venus & Serena Williams at The launch of Tide plus Febreze freshness sport. Interesting I don’t recall a laundry detergent having a sports related launch party before. brand evolution continues…
* TO was there also, obviously he’s thinking about NEXT weekend (you know he’s a frustrated NBA player in a footballer’s body)


*Solange DJ’d the event (yep she’s a DJ, one more reason I like her, I spin too)

* Last night Ocho Cinco had a mansion party, singer Monica was one of the guests, he also had a live Ustream from it a la Diddy’s 4th of July party last summer. I LOVE IT!

* You know what they say, after the show is the after party… Chad and 2 VH1 chicks Saturday morning. mmm hmm no words ::giggles:: What?? That’s a reaction not a “word”
* Lil Kim & BMac on the way to KOD
And just so you remember that my 1st Love is HOOPS… SPOTTED Courtside:

* Matt Kemp, awww Spring training is about to start who has time for a Pop star anyway. Laker game (yeah the Lakers have some issues right now, we’ll discuss later)

*Kris Jenner supporting her son-in-law. Nice seats. ::tee hee::

* Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens, super cute.

* Final thought yes I realize the Cavs swept the Lakers this season, yes I realize the Lakers are 0-2 against the Nuggets. But we got Kobe, so NO I won’t be panicking. Just wanted you to know I’m AWARE.