SPOTTED: Courtside, on the sidelines and just around

Rob, Kim & Khole Khardasian as the Lakers blew out the Mavs. So is the official uniform thigh high boots and leggings??

Pau injured his other hamstring, Bynum & the bench has to play like that consistently with Pau out. 

*Robin Givens & her children at the Dolphins game on sunday

Serena Williams arriving to the same game. More Hollywood than LA, I don’t think Staples has a red carpet and backdrop until at least the playoffs… Wait so did the Dolphins make it to the playoffs? It’s almost time for me to try to watch football again.

THUG LIFE Tiger… cover of Vanity Fair shot by Annie Lebowitz. everybody is going to get their piece of this pie.

*Tony & Eva on New Years Eve, I adore her tiny clutch. Any fashionistas that can share with me who designed it will be forever in my good graces. 🙂

* Matt Kemp has certainly been busy enjoying his off season. he vacationed in Mexico with Rihanna. They make a stunning couple, I’m NOT MAD AT ALL.

over the weekend LeBron James became the youngest player to reach 14,000 points (if we count a milestone for every single thing does it still hold value?)

Guess his new thing is spontaneous dancing…
Say cheese LeBron…ugh