Rajon Rondo rocks Vinnie Styles in post game press conference following game 5 loss to Hawks [photo]

The Boston Celtics weren’t able to close out the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday night to move on to the second round of the playoffs. Al Horford in only his second game back from injury since January was amazing for the Hawks with a double-double, scoring 19 points and 11 rebounds plus making several key plays.

Rondo was almost able to pull off a game winning play but came up short at the Hawks took this one, 87-86. But let’s take a lok at Rajon Rondo’s post game fashion. His stylist, Calyann Barnett, also dresses Dwyane Wade. The jacket is by Vinnie Styles and is worn over a Polo shirt.

I actually kind of like it. It’s interesting to me that Rondo is the one wearing it. It’s almost like he has this crazy alter ego that he’s dying to let the world in on…

Celtics and Hawks meet back up in Boston on Thursday.

photo via Instagram