Terrell Owens and his 3 baby’s mamas appear on Dr. Phil [video]

There’s been a ton of discussion about Terrell Owens and his off the field drama involving his financial issues especially in regards to his 3 kids and 3 children’s mothers– at one point he was paying out about $50,000 a month in child support. On Tuesday they were all featured on an episode of Dr. Phil. Terrell wasn’t a guy that was really reckless with his money. He wasn’t flashy dripping in a lot of jewelry, he didn’t pop a bunch of bottles BUT, he did have an area where he didn’t practice restraint. Terrell says he was never in a serious relationship with the mother’s of his children nor was that the intent when he got involved with them. But for some reason, using a condom wasn’t apart of the program.

Terrell gives various excuses as to why he’s not a more active father in his children’s lives. Some of it is possibly learned behavior; Terrell didn’t know his own father until he was 12 years old and he actually lived right across the street. But, is that an excuse?


For the most part, until T.O.’s recent bad luck monetarily, he was financially supportive but emotionally unavailable to his children. They (the kids) have no relationship with one another and in some cases had only seen him about a dozen times in their whole life.

There are so many lessons here for both men and women especially those involved in the world of sports. Ultimately, it’s the children who are left to deal with the parents baggage in situations such as this. I hope that this appearance starts a healing process for all the parties.

videos via Dr. Phil