Metta World Peace gets “Punk’d” [video]

LA Lakers star Metta World Peace is currently serving a seven-game suspension for elbowing Thunder guard James Harden in the head last month. The Lakers missed an opportunity to close out the Denver Nuggets at home on Tuesday and are now headed to Denver to close the series out and await the return of Metta Artest (I just like to occasionally mix the two names up for fun)

Ironically enough, Metta’s episode of the revived hit MTV prank show, Punk’d is airing on Thursday, the same day the Lakers take on the Nuggets in Denver for game 6. On this episode, Dax Shepard tries to see if Metta can keep his cool in a parking garage scenario:

This is exactly how I’d envision him reacting. This isn’t a situation I’d expect him to lose it in- of course if he did, we’d probably never se the episode.

Has anybody watched the new episodes? I’ll be watching the Game 6 on Thursday but will be sure to post the complete prank on Friday!