Official Basketball Wives Season 2 Cast Flicks & Synopsis

Blah, Blah, Blah. You know I love Basketball Wives. You know I’m ready for Season 2. Now we get our first look at the cast photos including the 4 new cast members:

The beautiful and vivacious ladies of VH1’s Basketball Wives will return for Season 2 on Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 9PM ET/PT.  Last season, audiences were hooked by these women not only because of their relationships with some of the country’s greatest athletes, but also because of their own successes. The women of Basketball Wives Season 2 are more than wives and girlfriends of rich, famous, and talented men; they are smart, independent women working to make their dreams a reality. But being the leading lady in a basketball player’s life isn’t all glam. It also comes fighting, favorites, and fallout from airing of dirty laundry.

The 10 episodes are expanding to an hour and will take you on a trip to the steamy city of Miami to get caught up with Shaunie O’NealJennifer WilliamsRoyce ReedEvelyn LozadaSuzie Ketcham and Gloria Govan of Season 1 and meet Basketball Wives newcomers Tami RomanJuli RichmondKimberli Russell, and Ashley Walker. Not only will viewers be able to catch up with what the Season One ladies have been doing, but we will also get an exclusive look at the lives of the new ladies in town!
Following the ladies as they juggle their relationships, careers, children and friendships can be pretty hard work but when secrets from the past are revealed, tempers erupt and the circle of friendship could be forever ruined. Public brawls at charity events, new romances, a Vegas secret that could potentially leave one of the ladies out of the ring for good, a possible end to a high-profile marriage, and the return of an ex make this chapter a jaw-dropping, emotional, can’t-miss season.

Watch as these women find a balance between supporting a family and realizing their career ambitions while staying loyal to their circle of friends. They prove to be much more than just pretty faces; they are real women that must cope with all the stresses and drama of raising a family, sustaining a healthy relationship, and making their own mark.

new cast member Tami Roman (ex wife of Former NBA player Kenny Anderson)

New Cast member Kimberli Russell (wife of Ex NBA player Byron Russell)

new Cast member Juli Richmond (Former NBA player Mitch Richmond)

Why isn’t Ashley in the photo shoot? Is she going to be the Ericka of the cast this year? I bet you forgot Ericka was actually a main cast member at one time. Actually, I bet you don’t even know who she is.