Blazers Internal Memo About Brandon Roy And Greg Oden’s Injuries

The entire Blazers franchise is in trouble and they know it. An internal memo was released with directions as to how employees should respond to questions angry fans might have about Brandon Roy- out again due to knee injury, Greg Oden- Having microfracture surgery, a 3rd season ending Knee injury, and season ticket cancellation requests.

The list of questions are very interesting:

Here’s the full text of the memo…. Trail Blazers November 17, 2010 Oden Inquiry
Customer Q&A / Messaging

Q: I want out of my seats.
A: We will accept your cancellation although we hope you do stay with us as the team needs our support more than ever.

Q: You sat on this information and knew all along. You just waited to tell us until you sold seasons and packages.
A: This news is surprising and disappointing. I’d like to send you a copy of the press conference from last night where our medical staff speaks specifically to the nature and timeline of Greg’s most recent injury. Please take a look and then let’s speaking again

Q: The medical staff does not know what they are doing.
A: We have the utmost confidence in our medical staff. Injuries are part of this game.

Q: The season is done.
A: This is very disappointing for all of us. Greg is family and we all feel like we’ve been hit in the gut. What I do know is that this team has faced adversity before and has risen to the challenge. We have a deep roster full of guys who simply don’t quit.

Q: Greg’s career is over.
A: Greg is family and we believe in him. He is just 22 and one of the hardest workers. He wants nothing more than to play and make Portland proud.

Q: How do you know that he’ll be back?
A: We can’t be certain. What we do know for certain is that he has our full commitment as an organization to support him in his comeback.

Q: What about Brandon, will he ever be the same?
A: Brandon has evolved his game in each season he’s been with us. He is a smart and skilled player and if he needs to evolve his game again, he will.