NBA Player Fined $10,000 For A ReTweet

Streets is watching

This wouldn’t be the 1st time a Jock was fined for something they put out over twitter but it is the first I’ve heard of a player being fined for retweeting.

Milwaukee Bucks player Chris Douglas-Roberts retweeted one of his followers and stated that this person has the freakiest name he’d seen on twitter. Apparently the NBA (maybe his team, who knows) felt that was out of policy in some form or fashion and fined Chris $10,000.

I won’t be the least bit surprised when Jocks leave twitter all together. It can’t be fun for them anymore. It’s basically becoming a soundbite piece they must run through their publicist, team officials etc before they say anything. And really who wants to read PR tweets all day.

What are your thoughts on this: