‘MOOD’ Creator & Star Nicole Lecky On Social Media, Sugar Daddies and More

Nicôle Lecky is the creator and star of the new BBC America musical drama, “Mood.” The series was adapted from Lecky’s one-woman show.

Lecky plays Sasha, a biracial, lost 20-something living with her mom (Jessica Hynes), stepdad (Paul Kaye), and teenage half-sister (Mia Jenkins) in East London. Sasha wants the limelight and to be a singer— throughout the series, we see music video interludes of the life she’s seeking — but the reality is bad decisions, alcohol, and weed.

After being kicked out of her house, Sasha links up with social media influencer Carly (Lara Peake), who shows her what life can be like on the other side. Sasha goes down the rabbit hole of transactional relationships and social media fame.

I talked with Lecky during the AAFCA roundtable about the idea behind the series and how Sasha’s issues were something she witnessed growing up.