BMF Docuseries EP Shan Nicholson On Gaining Meech’s Trust

“The BMF Documentary: Blowing Money Fast”  looks into the lives of the Flenory brothers, Demetrius “Big Meech” and Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, who founded BMF – at one time, one of the nation’s most prominent drug organizations. The series will chronicle their start amid the crack explosion of the 1980s and expansion across the United States.

The eight-episode docuseries began airing on STARZ on October 23. The same network features a fictionalized version of the story entitled “BMF,” which stars Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory” jr, D’avinci, Lala Anthony, Wood Harris, and more.

The docuseries features interviews with Meech, former BMF associates, law enforcement officials who worked on the case, 50 Cent (he’s also a producer,) T.I., and others.

BMF docuseries EP and director Shan Nicholson discussed the docuseries and the process it took to get Meech, and the participants to participate in the doc, which includes revealing details of some of the crimes they committed during the AAFCA Roundtable series.

According to Nicholson, “all of the plot points that we unveil have all been adjudicated. So, in essence, no one can really get in trouble for talking about how they participated.” Nicholson next provided context for that statement,  “a lot of these guys are just coming out of prison and willing to share their stories. A lot of it is a trust issue. We were, we were able to really build a lot of trust with with with Meech, and the Flenory family. It was a process to open up and be able to share stories, a lot of folks would clam up when the camera comes on, of course. But, it takes some time, some easing of the tension, and some coaxing to get the rhythm of the interview. Everybody saw the value of the story and was able to share their story about their participation with BMF. It’s an American story. It’s their version of the American dream.”

The “BMF” crime drama is slated to return for its second season in January 2023.

Check out the complete interview in the video above. To watch the entire AAFCA Roundtable, watch below.