Matt Kemp visits the Negro Leagues Museum [photos]

During the MLB All-Star break, Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp visited the Negro League Baseball museum while in Kansas City for the game Tuesday.

Kemp was honored with the museum’s 2011 Oscar Charleston Legacy Award as the Major League player of the year, and the Josh Gibson Award as the premier home run hitter in the National League.

Because Kemp plays in the National league, he rarely has the opportunity to  visit Kansas City and didn’t attend the ceremony last year.

“Stew, my agent, and my dad told me I needed to check this [museum] out. It’s amazing to know what they had to go through, to know [about] some of the great Negro League players who probably could have done amazing things in the Major Leagues.

“I want to thank God for having this opportunity — and thank you guys for supporting baseball.”

The Negro league was a time most young baseball fans can’t even connect to at this point. That’s why it’s so important for players like Kemp to make the connection for fans. For them to truly understand how far we’ve come and what we went through to get here.

photos via Instagram