Kobe Bryant thinks his 2012 Team USA squad would beat the 92 Dream Team [video]

Kobe Bryant is sure to say something that will cause the world of sports to get into an uproar. The latest statement involves this year’s Olympic squad and the 1992 “Dream team.” During Team USA practices in Vegas, a reporter asked the hypothetical question, who would win if those two teams faced off against each other.

“It’d be a tough one, but I think we’d pull it out,”

I agree with Kobe. My reasoning involves a few factors. The age of the Dream Team compared with that of 2012 Team USA at the time of their games. The difference in the NBA game today. hand checking, speed, etc.

Can’t recall the rosters? Check this year’s squad here and the Dream Team’s members here.

Sidenote, goateed Kobe is my FAVORITE! I prefer men with facial hair.

video via Medal Detector