Gabrielle Union says “homewrecker accusations” caused issues with her career [video]

Unless you’ve been under a rock, at some point during a conversation regarding Dwyane Wade and his relationship with actress Gabrielle Union, you’ve heard whispers – or yelling – about Gabrielle being a “homewrecker.”

DWade’s ex-wife, Siohvaughn Funches, at one point even filed suit against Union, the suit was thrown out of court. Gabrielle has just begun to speak out about those allegations and discusses how it affected her professionally.

“It’s hard because, aside from loving him, I want to protect myself. I’ve built my life. I built my own brand. I built my career and my career took a hit from that madness because some people refuse to see the truth, even when it’s presented to them time and time again. I love him but at some point it’s about self preservation.”

“I pay for my family. I pay for my mommy and my daddy and my sisters and her family. ‘D’ doesn’t write those checks, I do, so when something is starting to affect the way I make a living, ‘no no no baby,’ let me figure out a way for me to protect our home that me and Dwyane have with the kids.”

“You have to put their love of their mom, their love of peace of mind and love of consistency first, and then I have to make sure I can still feed my own family. Luckily, by taking the high road and not engaging in the back and forth craziness, I was able to do both. Luckily, by doing the right thing and putting the children first, it worked out that I was able to save myself.”


Internet rumors make an impact. People are quick to make assumptions. The reality is that most will never know what the truth is. For me, I believe in holding the individual that is actually IN a relationship responsible. The only way my home can be wrecked is if my significant other allows you access to do damage.

I believe we as women often times put the blame on “the other woman” when in reality, the person that promised to care for your heart is who should bear the brunt of your anger.