Lakers owner Jerry Buss hospitalized due to dehydration

Lakers owner Jerry Buss was hospitalized Monday night from dehydration. According to TMZ, the 78-year-old Buss began to feel ill around 9:00 PM Monday evening and was transported to a Los Angeles area hospital.

The Lakers released a statement via their PR, John Black:

“In response to media inquiries and to dispel rumors and inaccurate reports, we’d like to state that Dr. Buss is in a local hospital where he is being treated for dehydration. He is recovering and is expected to be released soon.”

Buss was hospitalized last December for blood clots in his legs believed to have formed from excessive travel. Over the past two to three years, Jerry’s son Jim has taken control of the Lakers franchise. Daughter Jennie, would’ve been who I voted to take over the family business. Not sure how I feel about the Jim Buss era but the signing of Steve Nash effectivly pairs Kobe with the best point he’s had during his tenure with the Lakers.