Lala’s Full Court Life season 2 Supertease [video]

Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for VH1

The second season of  Lala’s Full Court life debuts Monday, March 19th on VH1. Of course there will be lots of celebrity cameos and we’ll get to see how Lala is adjusting to life in New York and how a budding career can cause an obsticle or two in a relationship with an athlete.



I think this is the show that most wanted to see in Basketball Wives yet somehow, people don’t seem to have the same passion for Lala and her show. Maybe it’s because they want to see more dirt. If you notice, the line that had everyone believing Lala had a convo with one of Melo’s jump off’s doesn’t seem to be in the trailer any more.

I think that was just to generate buzz and the whole conversation is just that. Conversations to say they addressed it. But we’ll see soon enough. The real question, will you be watching?

photos via VH1