Basketball Wives season 4, episode 4 recap [video]

I’m sorry. I’m over Basketball Wives. I know that there are 11 more episodes left but one thing is clear, nothing will be handled with grace a maturity as far as “new friendships” and misunderstandings are concerned. Why am I surprised by this right? Look, I know it’s all for entertainment. But I like a little evolution with my drama.

So first, there was Kesha’s charity event. Catch 22 here, while I understood her concerns that one (or some) of the ladies might not act totally appropriate. You don’t have that type of conversation with adults. Especially when the individual (Suzie) you saw exhibit that behavior is your choice of confidant for the evening.

Again, I’m happy Jennifer is doing her thing but, I’m not interested. I’m really not interested in watching an alleged “business woman” let other “business women” treat her any kind of way. Yes, I’m jumping ahead a bit but really, that’s the only reason why you care about Jennifer. You want to watch her stumble over her words as they attempt to further humiliate her…

But, back to this episode. Kenya was strictly in the peanut gallery this episode. Laughing as Kesha got to bear the brunt of “the circle” this week. But she did debut her music video


Yeah… That was hot buttered garbage. And if she is serious about pursuing a career in music, she kills herself each and every time she performs/puts her “work” in front of the masses on this show.


Did she not watch season 3 with Meka. This isn’t the show to help you secure your business base.

And I know she thinks people calling her “crazy” is a byproduct of envy from her awesomness. It’s not, she just has crazy eyes and a wack wig. :shrug:

I’m over Tami. I’m over her bullying antics. I’m tired of her speaking to people with no respect and expecting them to show her some. Look, I get it. She has a caricture to portray in order to keep her standing on this show. But she needs to come up with a more evolved way to let it out because THIS isn’t working anymore.


I’m glad Kesha somewhat stood up for herself yet handled it like an adult. But, she really should’ve been the one to leave that dinner first.
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photos and video via VH1