Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham arrested for sharing nude flicks of an Ex

Thinking about maybe getting revenge on an ex by sharing the nude flicks they so generously sent you? Don’t do it, you could end up like New York Jets linebacker Jermaine Cunningham-he was on the IR for the bulk of his time with the Jets- arrested for spreading the love.

On December 29, following a report of a domestic dispute, New Jersey police were sent to the home of Cunningham, who was subsequently arrested on three different criminal charges.

Per Deadspin, the charges are as follows:

Third-degree criminal mischief for clothing that had been destroyed. Spokesman Mark Spivey said the clothes belonged to a woman who Cunningham had dated and used to live there.

Fourth-degree unlawful weapon transport for a loaded .380-caliber handgun found in the glove compartment of his Audi. The search was consensual, and the question of who owns the gun is under investigation, Spivey said.

Third-degree invasion of privacy for disseminating images “sexual in nature to another person without the consent of the person in the images,” said Spivey, who added that officers learned about the images at the scene from the woman whom Cunningham had dated.

Sounds like a rough break up. If you know the police are coming, why leave a loaded gun in the car? I’m hoping it was registered. I wonder who Cunningham sent her photos too? Seems as if he needed a go-between to handle the situation.