Nick Young says Iggy called him soft after Kobe practice rant


Last month we got a taste of life with Kobe as cameras captured the Black Mamba snapping on his younger Lakers teammates in practice. Nick Young showed a little bit of fire, popping off back at Kobe, but apparently it wasn’t enough for his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.

Tuesday night during a Lakers All Access event – that’s where season ticket holders have dinner with various members of the franchise past and present, plus get a tour of Staples Center and the Lakers locker room- Nick revealed that Iggy called him soft after seeing Kobe’s practice rant.

I’m sure he was kidding. We all know how practice goes. Plus, we know Iggy can’t call anyone soft after the way she ducked her own hip-hop beef.

Here are a few more highlights from Lakers All Access

Lakers head coach Byron Scott with his best Swaggy P.