Top 8 Greatest JR Smith moments as a Knick


JR Smith is on the move from the New York Knicks, the team he called home for the past four seasons. JR’s antics can be equal parts frustrating and entertaining. Chris Herring works for the Wall Street Journal and came up with the hashtg, #JRsGreatestHits to pay homage to some of his favorite Earl the 3rd moments.


  So, you know I had to jump in with my own list. I present my Top 8 Favorite JR moments – in no particular order. JR’s high school yearbook quote was hilarious and really told you what he was about. JR-Smith-yearbook-quote

“Get chicks or die trying”

JR showing off Tahiry’s thonged cheeks on Twitter. tahiry-cheeks   Then getting into it with rapper Joe Budden over his relationship with Tahiry on Twitter. Rihanna calling JR desert thirsty. JR-Smith-parties-with-Rihanna-1

JR the sav offering his “pipe” via DM

jr-smith-twitter-exchange and his Instagram response once the DM leaked. JR-Smith-Instagram JR clearing up that singer and reality star KMichelle wasn’t his girlfriend, just a chick he took home for the night after a club. JR-Kmichelle Classic JR shot


and Lastly, JR being awarded the “Sixth man of the Year” trophy. That season JR showed what he can do when he’s focused.

Check out JR’s message to the Knicks organization and fans:

I want to thank Mr. Dolan and the Knicks organization for giving me the opportunity to play for such a storied franchise over the past few seasons. I want to thank my teammates for their support and guidance. Most importantly, I want thank the fans of New York who are some of the most passionate basketball fans in the world. Playing in my hometown has been incredibly special and I will be forever grateful for having had the chance to wear a Knicks uniform. Though I look forward to starting a new chapter in Cleveland to join some of the best talent in the game in the quest for an NBA Championship, this great experience in New York will always stay with me. Thank you again, fans. Your support means the world.