Greg Hardy working on his rap career while suspended from Carolina Panthers [video]


It’s always been said that most athletes want to be rappers, and most rappers want to be athletes. Therefore it makes perfect sense that while Carolina Panthers DE Greg Hardy is serving out his “Commissioner’s exempt list” suspension, he’s working on his budding rap career.

Ja Alan, a Memphis-based rapper, on Thursday posted a portion of a video shoot in Charlotte. In the snippet, Hardy, aka Mac Carl Jr., name drops LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and uses the line, “crack a bitch.” It’s unclear what the exact meaning of that lyric is, but it may not be the best choice of words considering Hardy’s current legal situation.

Currently awaiting his jury trial for a domestic violence arrest that happened in April. Hardy is accused of beating his girlfriend Nicole, allegedly because of her association with Nelly. Hardy was found guilty by a judge but appealed, his case will go before a jury on November 17th.

The song is titled “I’m just me.”