Judge throws out evidence in ex-Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s murder case


Ex-New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez is still awaiting trial for the murder of his associate, Odin Lloyd in June of 2013. The trial is scheduled to begin in 2015, but Hernadez just received some news that will work in his favor via a court ruling.

Bullets found in an apartment rented by ex-New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez and a magazine found in his Hummer were thrown out as evidence in his murder case Thursday by a judge who said state police didn’t demonstrate probable cause for the searches.

Judge E. Susan Garsh said there were “absolutely no facts” linking Hernandez “in any way at all to the crime under investigation” in an affidavit supporting the warrant application to search his Franklin apartment. That warrant was for a cellphone belonging to co-defendant Carlos Ortiz, who was with Hernandez when Odin Lloyd was killed.