Basketball Wives Laura Govan On Wedding Plans & A Reality Show With Gilbert

Basketball Wives LA star, Laura Govan hasn’t been shy letting her feelings out about Gilbert, her weight and of course, Draya. She recently gave an exclusive interview to Necole Bitchie where she discussed her 23 carat ring, a future reality show for she and Gilbert and her wedding plans.

On a Laura & Gilbert wedding:

We don’t have a date set yet but we are definitely looking to get married sometime maybe in the summer, we’ll see.

Would you like a big or small wedding?
I don’t know. I love intimacy period, so I would really like close family and friends. I don’t want people who are going to celebrate us getting a divorce. You know when you got to a wedding people are like “Oh, they’re not going to make it” or everybody is whispering “That ain’t gonna last.” I really want it to be the people that love us, respect us and not even know what our relationship is about, that’s between he and I but just to support it. So that’s all I really want so it may very intimate.

Gilbert’s thoughts on BBW LA and  future show:

What are Gilbert’s thoughts on the show? Does he watch it?
I think for me now, he’s just being very, very supportive. He’s like “Dang, you should’ve done this or this is what you could do.” No, he watches a couple clips or he’ll see a couple things and comment on them but he’s not like “Ohhh, this is ….” he’s more like this is entertainment. This is what you should look at differently, it’s not like “Oh, this is your life, this is what they’re portraying, and this is what really is going on.” He knows the real me; we’ve been together 10 years; we have four children together, so we look at each other differently. So when we see each other on TV it’s kind of like “Oh, that’s funny.” It’s entertainment.

Would you consider a reality show with Gilbert?
Would definitely do a show with Gilbert, he’s hilarious. People think “Oh, you’re doing it for whatever or you’re doing it for attention.” No, I’m doing it because it’s twitter and its fun, people do it all the time but you’re just focused on me because you know me from the show but outside of that I do it because it’s funny. This is what we really do; he’s not doing it for me to tweet it, as a matter of fact, he was like “Don’t do it, don’t do it!” This is who you are, I think it’s funny and I want to share it with my friends. At the end of the day, it turned into something else but we have a good time.

Would he consider doing a show?
I don’t know if he would do this show but he would definitely do a show, I’m pretty sure.

Can you imagine the two of them on a show? It probably would be extremely entertaining for the first episode or two. :shrug: …What??? It’s obvious that people probably find them far more interesting when they aren’t “happily in love.” But, If they are seriously considering it, it might be a good idea to ensure Gil has a job first (like after this whole lockout thing is resolved.)
Something tells me most NBA execs want this type of attention far away from their teams.
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