David Stern Says If No Deal By Tuesday, Christmas Games Probably Will Be Canceled

David Stern’s favorite book growing up must have been “The Grinch That Stole Christmas.” That’s exactly who he sounded like during his interview on WFAN. Stern said his gut tells him if there isn’t a deal in place by next Tuesday (October 18th) he doesn’t believe the NBA will be playing on Christmas day.

How have we gone from the first two weeks of the season being canceled Monday, to looking at Christmas games as the next target? There aren’t even negotiating sessions scheduled for the weekend.

But of course, there’s a method to this madness. In this same interview, Stern also shared that it was the union who brought up the 50/50 compromise idea that was ultimately rejected, even though Billy Hunter has said several times this isn’t true, but Stern says that Hunter failed to get the player’s to agree.

That is definitely a move to sway public opinion in favor of the owners. And to possibly begin chipping away at the solidarity the union has shown so far. The idea that he just canceled the first two weeks of the season this week, would be followed up to cancel Christmas a little more than a week later seems to be a move to create panic.

The two sides are set to meet with a mediator on Monday. But, I don’t know how well that bodes for the outcome. After the NFL and it’s union met with a mediator this summer, their union decertified.

But they also didn’t miss any games…