49’ers WR Braylon Edwards Sends 100 Kids To College [Video]

Braylon Edwards hasn’t been lighting it up this year with the 49’ers. While the team has been on a tear, Braylon hasn’t really been too active on the field. But Braylon has delivered on one promise he made.

As a rookie with the Cleveland Browns, Braylon Edwards promised 100 public school 8th graders $10,000 towards college if they became exemplary students. The goal, maintain a grade point averages at 2.5 or higher and perform 15 hours of community service. Braylon and the students were profiled before last night’s Monday Night football game featuring the Niners and the Steelers.

It’s great to see that Braylon kept his word to the students even though he’s on his second team since being traded from the Browns. $10,000 is a HUGE contribution to the future and betterment of these kids. The fact that 79 of them received the benefit shows what encouragement can do for you. One of the students is even at Harvard! Kudos to Braylon.

And if you were counting the $$ that was one million dollars that he pledged for these kids future!

Last thing, YES this upped his sexy factor!