Kris Humphries Signs 1-Year Deal With New Jersey Nets

Kris Humphries has finally signed with a team. The New Jersey Nets have signed him to an $8 Million dollar one-year deal. It’s interesting to me how long it took for him to get picked up. The market is clearly looking for Front court help; The Knicks big trade for Tyson Chandler, the Nets offering to gut their roster and future picks for Dwight Howard and Golden State paying Kwame Brown $7 million for one year… KWAME BROWN.

But anyway, I subscribe to the theory that Kris experiencing the negative by-product of being a reality TV- Pro Athlete. I understand the Nets positioning. They thought they could get Dwight Howard and needed as much cap space as possible. But you mean to tell me that no other team could’ve used Humphries skills on their roster? Last season he averaged a double-double in 70 plus games. Either that, or Kris Jenner really does have that much pull.